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Stay Young with Chiropractic

As our bodies age it’s easier to get injured and it takes longer to heal. We lose muscle mass and energy. When the spine is misaligned it causes pain, stiffness, tension, and other issues. Regular chiropractic care helps to keep you active because alignment can reduce pain, increase range of motion, and promote better general health.

When your body feels less aches, pains, inflammation and general wear, and has better range of motion and it makes it easier to stay active.

The biggest reason people go to the chiropractor is to reduce pain. Pain tends to be a part of the experience of aging. Chiropractic care reduces pain, helping to relax your body. When you’re in less pain, you’re able to do more.

Keeping your spine healthy keeps other systems in your body healthy, including the
immune system. A side effect of chiropractic care is a boosted immune system. You can fight
illness better and stay in better general health.

There are some extra steps that can be taken along with chiropractic care to help your body stay young.
  • Muscle mass decreases as you age, but you can retain your muscle mass by weight resistance exercise.
  • The motivation for weight loss is to maintain a metabolism that will enable you to live and maintain a proper weight. A healthy heart is important!
  • What you eat is important! Eating the wrong foods or the wrong balance or amounts will cause your body to weaken. Unhealthy food can negatively change your metabolism. Proper nutrition and exercise are important to helping your body stay young by supporting mental and physical health.

Chiropractic care is based on non-invasive adjustments that promote your body’s innate ability to heal. It encourages whole body wellness to prevent problems that can cause pain down the line, and helps the body function properly. A proper diet and regular exercise also help. Contact us today at Cross Valley Chiropractic at 570-822-4848 to schedule an appointment.

October-Condition of the month-SCOLIOSIS

A lateral curvature of the spine.  Scoliosis affects boys and girls between the ages of 8 and  18. It is more common with girls.  There are several causes of Scoliosis the two most common are congenital and habitual. Congenital Scoliosis occurs when someone is born with a lateral curvature of the spine. Habitual Scoliosis causes are environmental or situational depending on the habits of the individual. Carrying backpacks improperly can contribute to a spinal distortion. Poor sitting habits and practicing poor posture can also affect spinal development in children. Signs of Scoliosis are a high hip (uneven hips), a high shoulder, the head being off center, head tilt, back and leg pain.

 SYMPTOMS:  The spine curving abnormally to the side (laterally), Shoulders and/or hips appearing uneven, Backache, Low Back Pain, Fatigue, Stooped Posture.

Chiropractic care works on correcting and relieving symptoms and complications associated with Scoliosis.

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The month of October 2015 is Patient Appreciation.  When you come in for your appointment during the month of October, you’ll get a ticket to write down a guess of the weight of the pumpkin in the waiting room. At the end of the month, we will see who guessed the closest to the weight of the pumpkin and they will win a $20.00 gas card.  There will also be a random drawing for Relaxation Therapy.  Good Luck and hope to see you there.