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March-Condition of the Month-Neck Pain

Although neck pain can be caused by injury, such as ‘whiplash’ injuries, it is often caused by cumulative affect of improper sitting posture, reading in bed, poor work habits, stomach sleeping, lack of proper exercise and other lifestyle-related factors.  All of these factors cause misalignments in the spine and eventually pain. In fact. the most important factor producing neck pain appears to be spinal misalignments. Even for people who complain that “stress” is causing their pain. The great majority of those have significant spinal misalignments that are contributing to their condition.

Uncorrected chronic spinal misalignments can eventually cause neck pain. As a spinal misalignment worsens, pressure can be put on delicate nerves, sending the surrounding neck muscles go into painful and movement limiting spasm, headache, even numbness, tingling or weakness in the arms or hands.


 We love to help patients who are suffering from neck pain because we usually obtain excellent results without the use of anti-inflammatory medicine, muscle relaxers or pain killing drugs.


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